Masterclass: Flamenco Technique with Rafael Ramírez

Masterclass: Flamenco Technique with Rafael Ramírez

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November 5, 2023
Historic Asolo Theater
Perret Performance Studio
$25 / $22.50 Members / $10 Students

This masterclass will include live guitar accompaniment. It is open to all levels (from basic to advanced), this class will focus on Flamenco Tangos* choreography, a type of dance with a festive character that, due to its accessible rhythm, has become popular in social settings, but which is also part of contemporary professional staged performances. This dance intensive includes rhythmic study, basic steps and choreographic phrasing that evolve into more complex combinations.

Participants will be introduced to elements of the letra, llamada and escobilla—all phrasal elements of Flamenco dance. Additionally, attention will be given to timing and counter time in footwork application, and hand and arm coordination for this specific style and rhythm.

All participants must bring heeled flamenco or character shoes that provide stability for footwork. No open toed, soft soled or ballroom-style dance shoes with fine heels.

*Please note this is not the same as Argentine Tango choreography

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