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Museum of Art Mondays

July 30th
Past Event
Family Friendly
Ticket Required
Education Center
Education Classroom


Join us on Mondays, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM for a special art-making program tied to objects you can find in the galleries as well as free admission to the Museum of Art. You can also pick up one of our Museum of Art Family Guides for fun ways to enjoy the art museum as a family!

This program is held in the Education Building Classrooms. Families must pick up their free tickets in the Visitors Pavilion the day of the program.  No reservations are available.  We will release 100 tickets each hour from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM, so please be sure to confirm your window of time with Admissions staff when you receive your ticket.

June 4 | Wandering Wolf (Courtyard)

Today’s project is inspired by the Capitoline Wolf replica that is on view in the Museum of Art Courtyard. This sculpture is unique because the wolf in the original sculpture was created hundreds of years before the babies below her were added. They were added to make the sculpture tell a specific story: that of Remus and Romulus, the founder of Rome. Today, we have created an image of the wolf alone again and invite you to draw a scene and add objects around her to have her tell a different story!

June 11 | Abstract Art

This painting is done is a style called Abstract Expressionism, which means that this painting was made to express a feeling or emotion rather than to depict something specific. Today, we are inviting you to create an abstract project of your own. We will be covering ceramic tiles in colored sharpies, then using isopropyl alcohol to blend and swirl the colors together and create movement like we can see in this painting.

June 18 | Hybrid Creatures

This MOA Monday project is inspired by this Icon of Seated Ganesha on view in the Chao Gallery of the Center for Asian Art. Ganesha has the body of a man and the head of elephant. He is a hybrid character, meaning he is made up of parts of different species. Today, we are playing a drawing game to create hybrid characters from our own imaginations!

June 25 | Design an Elephant Outfit (Searing Galleries)

Today’s project was inspired by the costume designs of Miles White, whose design drawings and costume pieces are on display in the Searing Wing of the Museum of Art. White’s designs often transform one thing into another: elephants transformed into swans, beautiful girls turned into birthday cakes, and clowns became kings. Today, we are asking you to design a costume for an elephant that transforms it from an elephant into something else!

July 2 | Impressionism (Gallery 21)

Today’s project was inspired by this painting, completed by Marcel Duchamp in the early 1900s, which shows the influence of the impressionism on the artist’s early work. Many impressionist paintings focus on light, color, texture rather than detailed representation. Today, we are going to experiment with oil pastels and baby oil to create our own impressionism-inspired landscapes!

July 9 | Produce Portraits (Gallery 13)

The artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo was famous for his bizarre composite faces comprised of plants, animals, and other objects.  The paintings in The Ringling’s has two copies of Arcimboldo paintings on display in Gallery 13 of the Museum of Art which have inspired today’s project. We are challenging you to create a face made entirely out of produce through a fun collage project!

July 16 | Collaboration

Our project today is inspired by the painting Pausias and Glycera, which was painted by two different artists: Peter Paul Rubens painted the figures and Osias Beert painted the flowers. Today, you will have a chance to collaborate with Rubens in your own way. We will give you a printout of this painting with the flower removed, and you will be able to used mixed media to add your own florals to the image.

July 23 | Terracotta Clay (Gallery 8)

Our project today was inspired by the sculpture Kneeling Angel designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and sculpted by Giuliano Finelli, on view in Gallery 8 of the Museum of Art. Clay was often used to create early versions of sculptures before they were created out of more expensive marble. Sometimes, these versions are saved as works of art in their own right. In this art project, we are creating our own three dimensional sculptures using air-dry clay that will harden overnight.

July 30 | Scholars Rocks (Center for Asian Art)

Scholar’s rocks are textured stones that were prized by Chinese scholars and used for contemplation in their studios. Scholar’s rocks were also sometimes valued due to their visual similarity to landscapes, people, animals, or plants. Today, we are going to give you a rock and let you decide what else it could look like to you. Afterwards, you can use our art supplies to transform your rock into what you see!

Family Programs are made possible in part by the generous support of the Koski Family Foundation, The Marvin and Betty Danto Endowment for The Ringling Museum Children’s Programs, and The General Education Endowment for Children and Families.