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Virtual Talks & Lectures

Oct 28, 2020 – Feb 23, 2021
Ticket Required
Museum of Art


We’ve designed a dynamic line-up of live, conversational, virtual programs for you to enjoy from anywhere! You can access previous programs any time on our YouTube page.

Tickets will be available 30 days prior to each program. Tickets are limited, but only 1 ticket is required for each household, for regardless of how many in your household will participate.

To attend virtual programs you will need to access ZOOM on a personal digital device; a computer, tablet, or cell phone will work!  Here are instructions to help you get started with ZOOM:  Please note, these live programs will be recorded and may be shared online upon their conclusion. By attending a live virtual program, you acknowledge and consent to the incidental filming of your likeness and voice as may be captured.

October 28, 1:00 pm | Virtual Gallery Conversation: Spooky Stories | $5 / Free for Members Buy Tickets

Halloween is just around the corner! Join us for a look at some of the scary and creepy works in the museum's collection.

Nov 4, 1:00 pm | Contemporary Questions about the Historic Circus | $5 / Free for Members Buy Tickets

As a both a unique community and a business built on providing entertainment to the masses, the circus and its history can serve as a fascinating lens to explore cultural values and how they evolve over time. Issues of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility all have rich, and sometimes difficult, places in the history of the circus. Head of Educational Programs Laura Steefel-Moore will host a conversation with Tibbals Curator of Circus Jennifer Lemmer Posey and Associate Director of Collections/Chief Registrar Marian Carpenter about how historians and museum professionals can address and contextualize those issues, creating opportunities to reflect on our present through experiences of the past.

Nov 9, 1:00 pm | Virtual Gallery Talk, Syd Solomon: Concealed and Revealed | $5 / Free for Members Buy Tickets

Ola Wlusek, Keith D. and Linda L. Monda Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, discusses Syd Solomon: Concealed and Revealed with a special guest.

Nov 18, 1:00 pm | Virtual Gallery Conversation: Feeling Thankful | $5 / Free for Members Buy Tickets

What are you thankful for? In this conversation, we'll share what makes us grateful and discuss how those things are reflected in the museum's collection.

Dec 2, 1:00 pm | Virtual Gallery Talk: Kabuki Modern | $5 / Free for Members Buy Tickets

Join Rhiannon Paget, Curator of Asian Art, for an overview of the exhibition Kabuki Modern. Actors of kabuki, Japan’s distinctive form of popular theater, were superstars between the 17th and early 20th centuries, and continue to command cultural and celebrity status today. Kabuki Modern presents superb recent acquisitions of kabuki portraits between 1868 and the 1950s.

Dec 16, 1:00 pm | Virtual Gallery Conversation: The Nativity | $5 / Free for Members Buy Tickets

It’s that time of year again! Join us for our annual look at scenes of the Nativity in the museum.

Jan 5, 1:00 pm | Virtual Gallery Conversation: New Year's Resolutions | $5 / Free for Members  Buy Tickets

Haven't made those New Year's resolutions yet? It’s time to leave 2020 behind and look at art that can provide motivation for a healthy, happy, and productive 2021.

Jan 12, 1:00 pm | Music in the Circus | $5 / Free for Members  Buy Tickets

Join Jennifer Lemmer Posey, Tibbals Curator of Circus, and representatives from the circus music historical society Windjammers Unlimited, Inc., as they discuss the integral role that circus musicians played in the success of the show.

Jan 26, 1:00 pm | Virtual Conversation: Researching Our Legacy | $5 / Free for Members  Buy Tickets

Now, more than ever, The Ringling Museum is committed to understanding our institutional history – especially as it relates to exclusion of marginalized groups. We are committed to becoming a more inclusive institution by listening, learning, and growing. In support of our own learning process, we’ve assembled a group of staff who are researching the Museum’s history. Although our research is a work in progress, we’d like to share how we are approaching this work: what sources are available, how we access them, and what more we hope to uncover.

Feb 2, 1:00 pm | Virtual Lecture: Challenges to Inclusivity in Museum Collections | $5 / Free for Members Buy Tickets

Throughout her long career in the museum field, Marian Carpenter, currently Associate Director of Collections/Chief Registrar at The Ringling, has experienced several occasions where she had to defend appropriate cultural representation in object interpretation, documentation, and care. In this conversation, she will share what she learned from these instances, as well as provide insight into ongoing challenges faced by the museum field as it tries to become more inclusive and equitable.

Feb 16, 10:30 am | Virtual Gallery Conversation: Lots of Love | $5 / Free for Members Buy Tickets

Love is in the air! In this virtual conversation, we’ll examine all types of love—from doting mothers to amorous couples—that give us a wide-ranging look at how the emotion manifests in art.

Feb 23, 10:30 am | Virtual Conversation: Images of Conflict | $5 / Free for Members Buy Tickets

Join curators Ola Wlusek and Sarah Cartwright in a conversation about artworks depicting conflict and trauma in The Ringling’s collection. While focusing on the exhibition Larry Rivers: Boston Massacre, in consideration with examples of European Renaissance and Baroque art, we will examine how power and violence are represented across time and explore how these images can help us understand conflict and address societal change today.