Ringling Underground

October 5 – May 2, 2024
Museum of Art
$15 / Free for Students w/ ID & Members
Free with Art after 5 Admission

Enjoy live music, art and atmosphere in the Museum of Art Courtyard during Ringling Underground 8-11 PM. This event features an eclectic mix of local and regional live music. Check out up-and-coming artists displaying their work in the Museum of Art Courtyard.

Oct 5 Featured Bands

Movie Props | Englewood

From the depths of Englewood, FL comes an experimental two piece comprised of only percussive instruments bringing reverb drenched melodies, funky break-beats, and dramatic ambiance. Socials: @moviepropsband or

Noan Partly | Tampa

Indie-Americana with Midwest roots, singer songwriter Noan Partly delivers dexterous fingerstyle instrumentation coupled with lucid resonant vocal stylings. Accompanied by drums and bass, NP percolates between sultry focus and spritely soulful grooves. Socials @noanpartly


Plastic City Robot-A | Miami

Plastic City Robot-A, latest musical project by Argentinian brothers Juan Manuel and Alejo Rozas, creatively blends space pop, progressive rock, downtempo, ambient, and space rock into a captivating sound. Their latest release, "LLIY," showcases their creative prowess and genre-fusing abilities. With plastic City Robot -A and their previous projects like Tremends and Tereso, the Rozas brothers have earned a growing local following and performances at renowned venues and festivals, including Ringling Underground and iiiPoints . Plastic City Robot-A are: Camila Sorgui (lead Vocals),Duck Romero (keyboards), Santiago Perroud (Drums), Harold Trucco (lead Guitar), Alejo Rozas (lead vocals & bass) and Juan Rozas (lead vocals & guitar)

Nov 2 Featured Bands

Neverless | Sarasota

Neverless is a high energy Alt-Rock band from Sarasota, FL, formed in 2018. Inspired by a vision to blend genres and break musical boundaries, their studio releases, as well as their live performances, are sure to give fans of any genre something to appreciate. From ska to punk, and blues to funk, Neverless does it all! Instagram

Pilot Jonezz | St Pete

Pilot Jonezz is the Indie/Alternative music project of Singer, Songwriter and Multi Instrumentalist Aaron Bowes featuring Guitarist/Producer Erick Heckard, Bassist Ryan Ingram, with Drummer Chad Feacher rounding out the lineup. Employing a deft blend of Punk, Soul, RnB, Hip-Hop, Funk and breakbeat elements PJZ presents audiences with a playfully jagged, consummately melodic, groovy, shimmering Indie Rock package. Pilot Jonezz is a beacon and loveletter to all the Queer, Black and POC alternative youth who feel underrepresented in their local scene and in Rock n Roll at large. Instagram

Um, Jennifer? | New York City

Um, Jennifer? Is a punk-tinged indie pop duo based in NYC. Fig and Leah met at a party in Brooklyn. Leah wanted to hook up with Fig's friend. Now they make music together for nobody except the vengeful god, Jennifer. Jennifer thinks their music sucks. Leah successfully hooked up with Fig's friend.  Instagram