Ringling Underground

Ringling Underground

Special Events
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March 7 – May 2, 2024
Museum of Art
$15 / Free for Students w/ ID & Members
Free with Art after 5 Admission

Enjoy live music, art and atmosphere in the Museum of Art Courtyard during Ringling Underground 8-11 PM. This event features an eclectic mix of local and regional live music. Check out up-and-coming artists displaying their work in the Museum of Art Courtyard.


March Featured  Bands

House of  I

House of I is an American rock band originally created in 2011. Throughout the span of their recording history, they’ve been interested in “bringing progressive melodies and song structure back into easily accessible rock music for the mind.” Originally hailing from Miami, FL, House of I spent their formative years paying their dues venue to venue, establishing a reputation for their energetic, psychedelic and dynamic performances. In 2017, their first self-titled EP brought new attention to their unique blends of musical influences, ranging from psychedelic fuzz to progressive introspective musings.


This highly expressing band founded by singer/songwriter, Yassine K. Hamidi, delivers a unique combination of music inspired by his North African Roots, Arabic culture, Western Pop music and Reggae Conscience. From the infectious spiritual rhythms of Gnawa music, thru the mystical mountains of Andalusia riffs, under the urban grounds of HipHop & RnB, and out of the uplifting fountain of Reggae Vibrations; Treedomm’s musical creativity paired with melismatic vocals evokes depth, beauty and absolute raw talent. @treedommband

Wolves of Glendale

Their rise to prominence has been nothing short of meteoric. With performances at prestigious events like the Netflix Is a Joke Festival and opening for iconic acts such as Tenacious D, where Jack Blackcomments, “..the thing about Wolves of Glendale is…they sound fantastic.” They have also opened for David Cross, Reggie Watts and Jukebox the Ghost, Wolves have proven that humor and music canharmoniously coexist on stage.  @wolvesofglendale

April Featured Bands

Beach Terror

Beach Terror is a band out St. Petersburg, Fl blending Psychedelic rock and roll with surf rock, indie soul and indie blues. Brothers Wyatt and Toby Norton join forces on guitar and vocals with John Ewing on bass and Patrick Martyn on drums. The band is currently recording their first EP. @beach_terror



MAK is a Tampa based band that is bringing the heat. With the use of old amps amd guitars, the quartet crafts a sound that's simultaneously classic and unique to the indie scene. With it's front man Ian's vibrato, the resonance of Aidan's bass, Evan's searing leads and the pounding of Drake's drum that brings something electric to every performance.


Athens, GA’s Heffner works with a speed and urgency of a young band but with a sense of lyrical wisdom and musical breadth of a much more seasoned group. With all the forcefulness and immediacy of 21st century power pop, classically aggressive post punk, and even sections of ’70s glam. Their third full length, Super Bowl LXIX, arrived October 2023 with much more to come from the Athens 6-piece.  RIYL: The Strokes, Twin Peaks, The Killers, Shame ;  @unofficial_heffner_fans/ ;


The Ringling is Open Today, 10:00-5:00PM
The Ringling is Open Today 10:00-5:00PM
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