Dance Heginbotham

Dance Heginbotham

Ticket Required
Outdoor (Weather permitting)
Ticket Required
November 13 – November 14, 2024
Bayfront Gardens
North Searing Lawn
Pay What You Wish

You Look Like a Fun Guy is an outdoor dance and theater presentation. It is inspired by mushrooms, their astonishing powers to facilitate transformation, their relationship to avant-garde composer John Cage, and their tastiness. The mushroom is an organism which can transform dead things into living things, an organism which can build an underground network spanning miles, an organism which gave the avant-garde composer John Cage a shower of game show cash which he used to support the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, and an organism which tastes great!

Dance Heginbotham: You Look Like a Fun Guy (Teaser) from Pentacle Dance on Vimeo.

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Suggested Eco-Performance Support Levels:

🎩 Eco-Blossom: $25

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