Member Travel

Local Travel

As a Ringling Member, you are invited to take part in day trips that are offered occasionally to nearby museums, attractions, or events of interest. There are no local travel opportunities currently scheduled, but please visit often to learn about upcoming events.

National and International Travel

The Ringling has partnered with Museum Travel Alliance to offer all Members access to incredible travel opportunities around the world. Traveling with Museum Travel Alliance connects Ringling members with other museum enthusiasts. Through a combination of curatorial expertise and behind-the-scenes itineraries they offer travelers the opportunity to see the world and experience incredible art and culture firsthand.

All travel arrangements are made directly through MTA. If you would like to join a trip, simply contact the MTA at (212) 302-3251 or email  [email protected].

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What makes MTA trips different?

MTA develops and operates trips that include a curator, art historian, or other scholar among its leaders. In addition, trips typically include visits to major museums, archaeological sites, and tours of interesting architecture. Frequently, receptions by local museum directors, curators and visits to private collections are included on the programs. Finally, many cruise programs are accompanied by other scholars who are experts in horticulture, politics, or the performing arts, for instance, to enrich our journeys on world class conveyances.

Who is eligible to travel on MTA trips?

All travelers must be members of the The Ringling or another institution participating in the Museum Travel Alliance. Click here to view a list of participating organizations.

What is the group size for most of the travel programs?

The size of each travel program varies depending upon destination and type of trip. Most of our land programs have approximately 25 or fewer participants. Ocean voyages are usually smaller than 75 travelers, and river voyages range between 50 and 90 travelers.

What is the activity level of the trips?

River boat cruises tend to be the least challenging programs, and are conducted on calmer, inland waterways. Open water voyages on sea-going vessels have more rigorous program elements. Land programs, particularly exotic destinations, are the most demanding, but can be enjoyed by any person who is fit and active, and not constrained in walking ability. Please call our office at 1-855-533-0033 or 1-212-324-1893 for details on the activity level of specific programs.

Are all tours conducted in English?

Yes, all of our tour directors are native English speakers, or are as fluent as if English was their native language. In addition, those sections of tours led by local guides are also in English. For other requests, please contact our office at 1-855-533-0033 or 1-212-324-1893.

Who operates the programs for MTA?

All tour programs are developed and operated by Arrangements Abroad, the leader in museum travel since 1977.

How do I join a trip?

All travel arrangements are made directly through MTA. If you would like to join a trip, simply contact the MTA at (212) 302-3251 or email us at [email protected].