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    Virtual School Visits

    • Meet The Ringling Virtual Tour
    • I am an Artist Virtual Tour

    This year, The Ringling will offer virtual field trips for Pre-K – College students. These tours elevate student engagement, interaction, and collaboration, and all tours are rooted in curriculum. We will not be offering in-person field trips or group discounts at this time.

    Choose from two formats: Videos with Lesson Plans or a Live Virtual School Tour and submit a request form for the program you are interested in.

    Videos with Lesson Plans

    Designed to be facilitated in the classroom by the teacher, these short video tours and correlating lesson plans offer flexibility in programming. Choose from the themes below and submit the form to request lesson plans. A museum educator will be in touch with additional materials.

    Request Videos with Lesson Plans

    Tour Themes

    Animal Safari (Grades K – 5)

    Take an animal safari through art, right from your classroom! Students will hone their observation skills as they learn about the animal kingdom. Students will learn about animals kept as pets, wild animals, animals used for work, and even mythological animals. This video lesson promotes in-classroom conversations.

    Meet The Ringling (Grades K – 5)

    Welcome to The Ringling Museum of Art! Students will use their imaginations as they play inside a painting, will practice comparative skills as they examine artworks from different time periods and cultures, and explore art with a personal connection. Accompanying lesson plans are tied to ELA standards in comparison, drawing evidence from a text, and narrative storytelling.

    Artful Imagination: Color and Mood (Grades K – 5)

    Discover how color is used by artists to convey a mood or feeling in a work of art. Explore three works of art at The Ringling and discuss how artists use a color palette to give their artwork a specific feeling. Then create a color palette of your own to use as a toolbox to create an artwork with a specific mood.

    The Iliad: Myths and Legends (Grades 9 – 12)

    Artists and authors have been inspired by the ancient Greek poet Homer for thousands of years. In this tour designed to complement The Iliad, museum educators will tell the story of the Trojan War through artworks in The Ringling collections. Discover the unique ways artists continue to be inspired by the classic tale of love, betrayal, and conflict.

    Portraits and Portrayal (Grades 9 – 12)

    Join Tibbals Curator of Circus Jennifer Lemmer Posey in this three part series exploring the use of self-image and promotion in the circus. Each 20 minute video explores a different circus personality and how they leveraged their own image to achieve fame, fortune, and publicity. Part One explores the legacy of advertising giant P.T. Barnum; Part Two discusses the ways the Ringling Bros. and other circus owners used their images to set a standard and communicate their values; Part Three looks at center ring celebrities who used their image not only to gain fame through their circus acts, but public celebrity as well.

    Live Virtual School Tours

    Live Virtual School Tours bring The Ringling to your classroom! These hour-long tours are led by experienced museum educators who use conversation and activities to guide students to looking and thinking through four work of art. All Live Virtual School Tours are hosted by the museum via Zoom, and a link will be provided once your school tour is confirmed. Live Virtual School Tours are available Monday – Friday.

    Choose from the themes below and submit the request form to schedule your Live Virtual School Tour!

    Request a Live Virtual School Tour

    Tour Themes

    Meet The Ringling (Grades K – 12)

    On this tour, students will explore the concept of art through The Ringling’s collections. All tours are customizable, and include objects from the European Art, Asian Art, Contemporary, and Photography collections. Students will compare and contrast works of art, use observation skills to draw information from artworks, and discuss the multiplicity of meanings in works of art.

    Artful Imagination (Grades K – 5)

    Students will learn about color and mood in works of art on this interactive tour. Using crayons or colored pencils, students will analyze works of art and craft color palettes that represent the mood of the artwork. Then, students will create a color palette and original work of art all their own. This tour practices visual art and English language arts skills.

    Animal Safari (Grades K – 5)

    Take an animals safari through art, right from your classroom! Students will hone their observation skills as they learn about the animal kingdom. Students will discuss animals kept as pets, wild animals, animals used for work, and even mythological animals.

    Circus Careers and Other Curiosities (Grades K – 5)

    Have you ever wanted to run away with the circus? This tour explores circus careers, from clowns to cooks and everything in between! Students will use English Language Arts skills to compare and contrast circus jobs and artifacts, and will decide which circus career they would have if they ran away with the circus.

    Sam Gilliam: Improvisation (Grades 3 – 12)

    On this 45-minute interactive tour with The Ringling, students will learn about abstract artist Sam Gilliam, practice improvisation, and discuss the artistic movements that complemented the Civil Rights Movement. Students will listen to jazz greats Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Thelonious Monk as they critically examine Gilliam’s abstract work, discussing how both musicians and visual artists practice improvisation. Gilliam himself listened to these same artists as he worked, and students will try their hand at improvisation, listening to jazz while making abstract drawings all their own.

    Myths and Legends (Grade 4 – 12)

    Greek and Roman myths have inspired artists and authors for thousands of years. This tour discusses up to 6 artworks from The Ringling’s collections that portray images of classical myths. This tour can be customized to tie into curriculum and classroom readings.

    Elements of Art (Grades 6 - 12)

    On this tour students will discuss the building blocks of art such as color, line, and pattern. Students will practice critiquing works of art and analyzing the composition and choices made by the artist.