Summer Internships

Summer Internships

The Ringling offers paid summer internships for eight weeks every year (in June and July). Ringling summer internships provide hands-on, skill-building professional experiences while working on one or more projects within a specific department. All Ringling interns gain exposure to many aspects of The Ringling’s operations including professional development and cultural enrichment activities.

Applications for Summer 2024 internships are CLOSED. The application window was from February 16 to April 8, 2024. Summer 2025 applications are expected to open by the end of February 2025.

For more information contact [email protected].

Summer 2024 Opportunities

The departments listed below were offered for Summer 2024 internships and are shown for information purposes only.

Position: Archives Intern
Expected Schedule:
  • 40-hours per week, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm unless otherwise stated
  • On campus; not remote
Project Description:

This internship will provide opportunities for students to learn the basic archival functions of accession, appraisal, arrangement, description, and access. Access will include a workflow that entails working with metadata schema forms and uploading files to a public access portal at Florida State University where collection material is freely accessible to students, faculty, and the public. This internship will provide an opportunity to work with a variety of media including moving images, still images, recorded sound, manuscripts, records, and printed materials.

The intern will:

  • Digitize moving images and create catalog records for each digital film
  • Compose drawer lists for architectural drawing collection
  • Process a circus collection, rehouse the collection, and compose a finding aid to the collection
  • Upload Governing Board records to DigiNole
Learning Objectives:

The intern will gain an understanding of the creation of good data and how good data increases an institution’s business agility, and lowers privacy and compliance risks for the institution.

  • The intern will learn how the creation of good data is essential to collection management positions in the gallery, library, museum, and archives profession as well as any occupation where a collection management system and digital asset management system are used.
  • The intern will further understand how the ability to create good data streamlines operations, prevents costly errors and disruptions in workflows.
  • The intern will experience how Digital Asset management software allows organizations to organize, distribute, collaborate, and securely store digital files. DAM systems are commonly used in museums, galleries, and libraries as well as in manufacturing, retail and eCommerce, government agencies, healthcare and education, architecture, engineering, and construction.
  • The intern’s experience in working in a DAM system brings them to the forefront when seeking job opportunities in these industries. Employment opportunities include digital archivist, taxonomist, and metadata specialist.
  • The intern will also see firsthand how working with varying media formats will diversify the intern’s skills and broaden their tool set in a modern workplace, especially in the gallery, museum, archives, and library setting.
  • The intern will consider how their experience in this position could lead to opportunities in specialized archives such as moving image archives and recorded sound archives as well as opportunities in special collections and museums where the holdings are diverse.
  • The intern will learn to describe varying media and how to physically handle and store these materials.
  • Through their experience, the intern will learn to utilize new software, including: CaptureOne, FilemakerPro, CyberDuck
Minimum Qualifications/Experience:
  • Student must have a high school diploma or GED and is currently active in obtaining a degree in higher education
  • Familiar in working with Excel and other Microsoft applications
  • Ability to pay close attention to detail
  • Ability to record information accurately
  • Self-motivated and the ability to stay on task without supervision
  • Excellent time management
Preferred Qualifications/Experience:
  • Familiar working with Excel and other Microsoft applications
  • Ability to pay close attention to detail and record information accurately
  • Self-motivated with the ability to stay on task working alone
  • Excellent time management
  • Interest in learning about controlled vocabularies, metadata, taxonomies, digital asset management, and learning collection management skills
  • Access to a computer with internet connectivity
Position: Curatorial Intern, Departments of European, Asian, or Contemporary Art
Expected Schedule:
  • 40-hours per week, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm unless otherwise stated
  • On campus; not remote
Project Description:

The intern will work directly with one or more of the Ringling’s six collections curators. The intern will accomplish the following:

  • Depending on individual strengths, the intern will be tasked with collection and exhibition research, cataloging, writing didactic materials such as exhibition labels, and preparing gallery talks.
  • The curatorial intern will have the opportunity to attend meetings with collections staff, exhibition and graphic designers, and other curators.
Learning Objectives:

Interns will learn:

  • Various responsibilities of art museum curators.
  • How departments collaborate to create exhibitions and manage collections.
  • Gain awareness of the considerations and planning exhibitions and presenting works of art.
  • Gain experience in writing for and speaking to different audiences.
Minimum Qualifications/Experience:
  • A master’s degree in Art History or related discipline specializing in an area relevant to The Ringling’s collections. View Online Collections here
  • Proficiency with Microsoft and Adobe software
Preferred Qualifications/Experience:
  • Experience using collections software (such as Gallery Systems TMS)
  • Reading proficiency in language/s other than English
Additional Application Materials:
  • IN ADDITION TO a relevant cover letter, resume, and transcripts, applications must include an academic writing sample (3–5 pages; this could be a term paper or a publication on a relevant topic) and three letters of recommendation.
  • Attach above documents within the FSU application system. Exception: Letters of recommendation may be emailed to [email protected] noting the applicant’s name in the SUBJECT LINE.
Position: Curatorial Intern, Ca’ d’Zan and Decorative Art
Expected Schedule:
  • 40-hours per week, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm unless otherwise stated
  • On campus; not remote
Project Description:

The Intern will support the Curator with tasks related to the care, research, documentation, exhibition, preservation, and interpretation of Ca’ d’Zan and its contents. The position may be tailored to the selected intern’s strengths and areas of interest related to ongoing research.

The intern’s projects may involve:

  • Archival and photographic research on the architect Dwight James Baum, as well as subcontracted companies and artists involved in the construction of Ca’ d’Zan from 1924-1926
  • Archival and photographic research on historic preservation projects carried out at Ca’ d’Zan and potential involvement in meetings related to major upcoming preservation projects
  • Visual analysis and comparative research situating Ca’ d’Zan within the broader history of 20th-century American residential design
  • Collections research to build curatorial files and improve documentation on a variety of furnishings and décor acquired by John and Mable Ringling for their winter residence which currently lack attributions or definitive identification related to maker/manufacturer, dating, country of origin, materials, etc
Learning Objectives:

By the end of the internship, the intern will:

  • Expand and deepen areas of research and build expertise through media-specific research topics
  • Have opportunities to collaborate with colleagues across departments (Archives, Collections, Conservation) to improve documentation of the permanent collection
  • Contribute research that will support future re-installations, furnishing plans, and publications
  • Learn the specific know-how for collecting and compiling an array of materials and research findings for improved accuracy and documentation
  • Have opportunities to share research findings with the public via virtual object labels or additional information on eMuseum, an article on the museum website blog, the museum’s social media channels or another outlet of choice
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the variety of responsibilities and tasks under a curator’s purview and institutional initiatives
​​Minimum Qualifications/Experience:
  • BA required and MA in progress or recently graduated (minimum) in Art History, Architectural History, Material Culture, Historic Preservation or related field of study required
  • MA in History of Decorative Arts and Design, or Architectural History (minimum degree: in progress or recently completed)
  • Proficiency in object-based research using primary (e.g. archival documents like correspondence and period literature) and secondary sources
  • Ability to engage with research by exploring the subject matter through a variety of lenses (e.g. production/craftsmanship, consumption in relation to economic or social history, provenance, etc.)
  • Strong work ethic and ability to work independently and meet project deadlines
  • Excellent critical thinking, visual analysis, communication and writing skills
Preferred Qualifications/Experience:
  • Prior professional or volunteer experience working in a historic house or art museum environment
  • Familiarity with cataloging objects in The Museum System (TMS) or similar databases a plus (training may be provided)
  • Experience with object handling a plus (training provided)
  • Ability to research in Italian, Spanish, French, or German a plus (but not required)
Additional Application Materials:

IN ADDITION TO a relevant cover letter, resume, and transcripts, include a short writing sample (this could be object labels, an excerpt from a research paper or thesis chapter, etc.). In your cover letter – please include reasons you wish to contribute to curatorial research related to American and European decorative arts media, 1920s high-style historic interiors and building construction methods and materials, and/or Mediterranean Revival style architectural design. Share specific areas of interest related to the Ringling’s decorative arts collection (e.g. furnishings original to Ca’ d’Zan, historic preservation research, iconography of murals in a residential setting) as well as prior experience working in historic house museum or art museum settings and professional interest in pursuing these fields.

Position: Education Intern
Expected Schedule:
  • 40-hours per week, one weekday off (likely Tuesdays) and working Saturdays, off on Sunday
  • On campus; not remote
Project Description:

The intern will work with the Education Team – primarily with Youth and Family and Outreach programs – on implementation of summer programming and on additional projects that interest them and tie into educational programmatic planning at The Ringling. The intern will complete the following tasks:

  • Prepare and assist with summer programs such as ROAR! (early literacy and art making) and Family Art Making
  • Facilitate Open Studio time in our MakerSpace
  • Collaborate with Outreach staff to assist with off-site educational programs
  • Develop materials for future programs such as ROAR! and Soar in 4, both literature-based art-making programs on and off site
Learning Objectives:

By the end of the internship, the intern will have the opportunity to learn the following:

  • Facilitate educational programming at a museum
  • Collaborate with a large museum education team
  • Gain experience working with visitors of all ages, including children and families, in a wide array of settings
  • Work effectively with volunteers
  • Research and write educational materials
  • Experience off-site outreach programming with community partners
Minimum Qualifications/Experience:
  • Bachelor’s degree (art/art history/museum studies preferred but not required)
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office
  • Good organizational and communication skills
  • Interest in working with children and families
  • Research/writing skills
Preferred Qualifications/Experience:
  • Experience using Canva
  • Experience using Microsoft Excel
Position: Technical Theater Intern
Expected Schedule:
  • 40 hours per week. Intern must be able to work some evenings and Saturdays. Sundays and Mondays off.
  • On campus; not remote
Project Description:

This internship is focused on Technical Theater arts. The intern will study with dedicated professionals in a hands-on learning environment during The Ringling’s annual production of the Summer Circus Spectacular. The intern will assist the Production Manager of the Theater with ongoing operations, maintenance and performances.

Project activities will include:

  • Training with the Technical Staff of the Historic Asolo Theater on sound, lighting, video, set, basic rigging, props and stage management
  • Assist with real-time operations of live circus shows, including daily stage preparations, cleaning and reset for next shows
  • Assist with communications between artists, box office, and front of house staff
  • Participate in theater maintenance, safety training and learn about requirements and membership in the associated technical and artist unions (IATSE, et al)
Learning Objectives:

By the end of the internship, the intern will:

  • Be knowledgeable in the basics of lighting and sound operations for live theater.
  • Gain valuable hands-on experience within a professional theater environment, which will prepare them for collegiate theater programs and competitive professional work opportunities.
  • Benefit from exposure to performance programs within a museum environment. Interns will gain an expanded perspective on the systems and opportunities present within large arts institutions.
  • Many of the technical elements apply to other industries, and this basic knowledge helps expand social, mental and physical discipline for problem solving, project planning, team building and communication, which are essentials in professional arts careers.
Minimum Qualifications/Experience:
  • High school diploma or equivalent. College degree not required.
  • Interest in performing arts.
  • Experience should include some exposure to the performing arts as a student, pre-professional performer or theater employee.
  • Other experience may include technical theater, box office and front of house management, program design, costume and set design or promotions.
Preferred Qualifications/Experience:
  • Experience with sound, lighting and video equipment; experience with theater front of house management.


Position: Marketing Intern, Video Editor
Expected Schedule:
  • 40 hours per week. Predominately M-F 8 am-5 pm but may need to be flexible schedule to accommodate afterhours or weekend happenings/programs
  • On campus; not remote
Project Description:

The intern will create and edit promotional videos for select Art of Performance/Performance for the upcoming season. These videos will be of various lengths and used on various marketing channels. The intern will accomplish the following:

  • Develop promotional videos on select artists in the upcoming Art of Performance season.
  • Work with marketing and performance teams to determine direction and branding of videos.
Learning Objectives:

The intern will learn the following:

  • How to plan and execute editing of videos with various creative elements
  • How to create and edit videos within brand standards
  • Gain an understanding of how to work within brand and creative standards of an organization
  • Gain experience for the editing process within a complex organization
  • Increase command usage of various video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing and After Effects and Canva Video
Minimum Qualifications/Experience:
  • Preferably seeking a marketing, PR, or communications degree
  • Ability to use a variety of video editing software and hardware
Preferred Qualifications/Experience:
  • Understanding and utilization of Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing and After Effects or another comparable video editing software/program
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office Outlook, Excel, and Word
Additional Application Materials:
  • IN ADDITION TO a relevant cover letter, resume, and transcripts, include one to two fully edited video samples.
Position: Box Office/Front of House Intern
Expected Schedule:
  • 40-hours per week supporting Summer Circus Spectacular performances
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am-5pm
  • Saturday 10:30am-6:30pm
Project Description:

Assisting the Box Office and Front of House staff for the Summer Circus Spectacular, a family friendly live circus performance in The Ringling’s Historic Asolo Theater. We present 2 shows per days, 5 days a week to capacity audiences in partnership with the Circus Arts Conservatory.

The intern will:
  • Sell tickets in person and by phone
  • Help coordinate camp and tour groups
  • Assist with Front of House duties such as scanning tickets and ushering
Learning Objectives:
  • Gain knowledge of Tessitura, a ticketing system used by major performing arts organizations and museums.
  • Learn to multi-task in a fast-paced theater environment.
  • Group sales coordinating including seating logistics for large groups.
  • Usher for sold out performances including scanning tickets and QR codes.
  • Develop superior customer service skills.
Minimum Qualifications/Experience:
  • Any college degree, high school diploma or GED.
  • Customer Service experience in person and on the phone.
  • Able to walk up and down 18 steps.
  • Ability to lift 15 lbs.
Preferred Qualifications/Experience:
  • Knowledge of theater ticketing such as Tessitura ticketing software.
  • Able to multi-task in a fast-paced environment.
  • Flexibility and a sense of humor.


Fall & Spring Internships

The Ringling’s fall and spring internship program focuses on supporting academic and professional development of college students enrolled in degree-seeking programs related to the arts, arts administration, museum education, and museum studies. Fall and spring internships introduce students to a major museum complex while providing foundational insights into cultural heritage careers through practical, hands-on experiences uncommon in most academic settings.

Available Departments

Depending on a student’s degree program, skillset, and experience, they can learn and participate in a variety of hands-on projects in one of the following Ringling departments: Archives, Collections (Registration, Preparation), Conservation, Curatorial, Development, Education, Events, Library, Marketing, and Visitor Services.

Professional Development

All Ringling internships offer professional development and cultural enrichment opportunities that can include: gallery talks with curators, board meeting observation, artist lectures, exhibition openings, area field trips, and many other Ringling events.

To Apply

College students seeking a Ringling fall or spring internship must email the following items to [email protected] at least 60 days prior to the first day of the preferred internship semester:

  • a relevant cover letter that includes
    • required semester (fall or spring)
    • required hours per week (10 to 20 hours)
    • preferred internship experience (in-person, remote, hybrid)
    • preferred department(s) (Archives, Education, etc.)
    • name of university/college and degree program requiring the internship
      contact information for degree program or faculty advisor
    • statement(s) explaining how a Ringling internship will benefit the student’s academic and professional goals
  • a relevant resume that includes
    • education (schools, degrees, certificates, etc. – formal and informal)
    • relevant skills, background, and experience (professional, academic, and volunteer)
    • copies of unofficial college transcripts

NOTE: Due to high demand and limited staff capacity, fall and spring internship are reserved exclusively for college students enrolled in degree-seeking programs and those earning college credit for their internship experience. High school students seeking experience may learn about becoming a Ringling volunteer using this link:

The Coville Photography Intern works with the Stanton B. and Nancy W. Kaplan Curator of Photography and Media Art to research objects in The Ringling’s photography collection in order to update or correct catalog records. They assist in research and create bibliographies and summary reports on selected artists and/or photographs, locate applicable resources onsite in the Ringling Museum Art Library; and identify potential loans from other institutions. The intern assists the curator in weekly surveys within the paper storage vault onsite to view, assess, and research photographs. The intern develops art history research skills; gains a better understanding of the history of photography, understands best practices for safe handling, care, and storage of photographic objects; and develops skills in curatorship within a professional museum environment.

Applications for The Coville Photography Internship are now closed.

For more information contact [email protected].


The Ringling’s fellowship program promote career development for recent post-undergraduates and post-graduates in the arts, arts administration, and museum studies fields.

Ringling fellows work independently and are members within a dynamic team. We seek talented individuals who are upbeat, imaginative, and willing to participate in many areas of museum operations. College students nearing graduation or recently graduated are encouraged to consider a Ringling fellowship.

Ringling fellowship availability varies by department and time of year. For information about current and upcoming fellowships,  contact Ringling Human Resources at [email protected].

The Eleanor Merritt Fellowship

The Eleanor Merritt Fellowship develops cultural heritage leaders. On a 9 to 12-month visiting A&P appointment (Administrative & Professional), the Merritt Fellow works under the supervision of the Associate Director of Academics, Innovation, and Research to learn, conduct research, and complete arts administration projects supporting The Ringling’s Strategic Plan. The first half of the fellowship year focuses on instructive projects and tasks supporting The Ringling’s Strategic Plan spanning multiple departments that include: Archives, Collections (Registration and Preparation), Conservation, Education, Library, Performing Arts, and Visitor Services. The second half of the fellowship year focuses on projects supporting the fellow’s onward academic and career goals.

The Merritt Fellowship is a career-pipeline opportunity named to honor Eleanor Merritt (1933-2019), a prolific artist, arts advocate, educator, and The Ringling’s first African American docent and board member. Merritt explored the interrelatedness of society, spirituality, and gender while using the human figure in a range of styles derived from a wide cultural matrix inclusive of her African and Caribbean roots as well as the Abstract Expressionist education she received at Brooklyn College in the 1950s. Merritt was also an important early advocate within national and regional arts organizations such as the Women’s Caucus for Art (WCA) Women of Color Slide Project, the Sarasota Visual Arts Center, as well as the Sarasota Arts in Public Places committee. In 2022, The Ringling highlighted Merritt’s career as an artist, educator, and advocate in its exhibition: Eleanor Merritt: Remembrance.

Applications for the 2024 Eleanor Merritt Fellowship are closed. Applications for 2025 are expected to open in February 2025. For more information, contact [email protected].